Tips for Picking a Venue of Your Dreams

March 25, 2019

Wedding venue shopping is one of the first steps of wedding planning for the couple (shout out to the spouse who proposed and planned it on their own) For some, they have dreamed of getting married at a certain venue so it is the easiest, however for others it may be one of the most stressful. I feel as if most couples have an idea of a venue but once they go and look they tend to be less decisive, because for the first time it is real and they are seeing all of the parts of the venue ( not just the instagram pictures) When meeting with couples to discuss wedding venues there are three things I like them to take in consideration. Season, Vision, and unfortunately cost. These are three important contributions that will help in deciding if the venue is right for them. I also recommend that couples only look at four venues, because sometimes when you see too many, you start to compare and contrast and think “ I wish this venue, had that view of the other venue, and was the price of the smaller venue, and had the amenities of the last venue we saw.” Ready for another tip, keep in mind how the venue salesman treat you and how responsive they are. If you notice off the bat they are unresponsive and not answering your questions, that could be a sign that wedding planning at this venue may be more stressful and you should not chose it, as much as you love it. Other things to remember, if you plan on getting married on sight, make sure there is a #planb just incase it rains. Although this is every brides nightmare, there is always a chance of rain and you want to make sure the venue is prepared for this and that your white dream won’t be covered in mud and rain because you had to get married outside rain or shine. I also recommend before booking a venue, that there are hotels close by for out-of-towners. It is easiest for all if everything is within a few miles to keep guests happy and to avoid confusion. All in all, they say marriage is “ when you know you know” and some may say the same goes for finding a venue, you will have that feeling in your gut that it is the place you want to house your wedding day memories!


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