Wedding Fun In The Sun!

This past January Events By Jesse was lucky enough to plan a wedding in beautiful Aruba!  With the ceremony on a white sand beach, and the reception on a pirate ship, the 40 person wedding was one of the most unique weddings we have done!  

Destination weddings are a great way to politely skim down your guest list, and they are sure to be unique!

Thank you to Aruba Today for publishing this really great article about the wedding and Events By Jesse!

I want to have an event! But where should it be...?

Whether you're planning a corporate gala, a wedding or a sweet 16 first you have to figure out location location location!  This does not just mean geographic location, but how you want your environment to reflect the purposes of your event.  It is one of the first aspects of your event that you'll choose and that decision can make or break your entire occasion!

WEDDINGS and other social events - About 90% of brides have had the image of their wedding in their heads since they first laid eyes on their parents wedding picture.  While the visual is so important, here are a few of the lesser considered venue aspects:

  • Transportation- Is there a parking lot?  Is there a train nearby?  Can all of your guests get there on time, given the transportation option?
  • Weather - Who doesn't love a mountain top wedding on a beautiful sunny day?  People who sweat!  Consider the season and the indoor/outdoor options.  Don't forget to make sure there is always a plan B for rain!
  • Space - Spacing is something everyone considers regarding the number of seats.  But what about the size and location of the dance floor?  If  you want a hoppin' party, which I'm sure you do, make sure the dance floor is accessible for everyone.  The more central the dance floor, the more likely your guests are to get up and shake it.  Also, you want enough space for dancing, but not too much that it makes the dance floor look empty.


Events for clients, employees and/or donors usually means a free dinner at a nice place.  However, what your guests are looking for is to feel appreciated.  When people feel appreciated, it is more likely that the employees will take pride in their work and clients/donors will feel even better about putting their money in good hands.  They are giving their precious money or time and want to feel like that is being recognized.  Here are some things that can help enhance that feeling:

  • Uniqueness - Everyone has been to a corporate event at Cipriani.  But have they been to an event at the Bronx Zoo?  Or a small dinner party in a private wine vault?  By getting creative with venue selection, your guests will feel like they get to be part of something exclusive and special.
  • Convenience - After working a 10-12 hour day in the office, it is hard to gain the mental stregnth to travel in the opposite direction of home for a corporate function.  Of course you cannot please everyone but giving consideration to your guests is sure to make them feel appreciated.  If you have an event in midtown this time, maybe you want to consider uptown next time.

I hope this gave you a little more insight in thinking about all aspects of your venue selection!

Party on!